With all the challenges that a Beauty like you has in real life, leave it to our empowering reads to prep you up! As you wander about the unpredictable plots in your life story, remember that these bring out power that you never knew existed. From the stories of your fellow Beauties in our reads, we know that it all lies within you to make a good ending for your dilemma. When another one pops up out of the blue, you know that you will get past it when the time comes.

Out of the numerous empowering reads online, we came up with eight for your daily pleasure.

1. 12 Rules Of Being A Powerful Woman by Sarah Ordo

Thumbs up for making it to 1st place as one of our empowering reads! Sarah gives you 12 rules and we think you can add more! It’s her boot camp filled with uplifting advice, wise words from other Beauties, and everyday mantras that you can say to feel powerful.

2. Woman Be Wild by Indigo Indigo

Tied in 1st place, Indigo wants you to wake up the sleeping power that has always been inside. Beauties like you have special talents to share with the world. Know her insights from hard experiences that brought out her female power. In your time, let the world know about your best self!

3. Herstory by Katherine Halligan

As among our empowering guides, Katherine compiles the stories of 50 admirable ladies who did well for others. They let you believe that you can do anything since they dreamt big! When you feel challenged, keep moving and prove to yourself and others that Beauties are talented.

4. That’s What She Said by Kimothy Joy

Similar in idea to Herstory, Kimothy’s collection comes from more than 50 influential women. They did their own efforts for our country to be great! Know their real-life stories filled with a colorful design. From their experiences, it is interesting to learn how they succeeded!

5. It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way by Lysa TerKeurst

In this best-selling strengthening read, Lysa tells you that real life will always have unexpected twists and turns. As a brave Beauty, during tough moments in your life, seek spiritual guidance. He wants to bring out your better self as he lets you step on the path made for you.

6. A Year of Positive Thinking by Cyndie Spiegel

Hey, Beauty! We know that in your daily life, you need the inspiration to go on. For each day of the year, read this to make you think positive! Believe in the power of saying a daily affirmation as it works wonders! Imagine yourself living the life you always fantasized about.

7. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

We think that you’re a great Beauty who has an untapped ability to let the world know what you’ve got! Alas, Jen’s strengthening guide dares you to go for it and surprise others in remarkable ways! She fills you with fun stories and awesome words to keep improving.

8. Hello Beautiful by Keryl Pesce

The last of our empowering reads comes from Keryl who simply wants you to get over the low self-image and the past. Drop those anxious feelings and make yourself feel better with every great achievement unlocked!

These are only eight of the good ones that we got. After reading a part of it, we hope that you feel empowered!

After all, a Beauty like you deserves it.

Dara Richardson