We admire ambitious Beauties whose drive is contagious! With our motivational reads, the last thing we want you to do is lower big dreams. There’s no material prize for fulfilling your ambitions. It’s how these transform your thoughts and life. When we hear Beauties who accomplish a lot, they make us feel proud to be women. Listen to them and believe in the magic that you can spread to others. Small wonderful deeds lead to huge achievements! You don’t realize that your efforts will become a bountiful harvest.

At times when we feel low and defeated, it’s hard to go back on track. No fret with our nine motivational reads hand-picked for you!   

1. The Greatest You by Trent Shelton

A round of applause to Trent for giving us an excellent choice with five stars! He’s sure that we want to be the best in our lives. Alas, in his motivational story, you discover how to transform your self upon achieving your goals. Even when you’ve been at the worst, believe that there’s always hope!

2. Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen

Also, a bestseller on our list is Jennie. Just like Trent, she tells you to overcome hard moments because these make you stronger. With divine guidance, believe that you can remove your negative thoughts. Make them positive to transform your life! Only you have the remote control to think about what you like.

3. I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb

Hoda’s motivational guide is also one of our hits! Besides the gift of gab, she also has the knack for inspiring words to share with you, Beauties. Take a peek into her numerous personal quotes from Instagram. These will make you brave, wise, and hopeful. As her collection appealed to her fans, the compilation became real.

4. Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado

Max is also very popular with a high rating! He believes that in our country, Beauties like you can fight sicknesses with the thoughts. Likewise, a bestseller, says that anxiety ain’t going to do you any good. Relax your mind and let go! Try to be calm in all the chaos that surrounds you.

5. The Confident Woman Devotional by Joyce Meyer

The famous Joyce wants you Beauties to use her inspiring guide every day. As you read wise words throughout the year, watch them transform you into a confident Beauty! Believe in the power of daily inspirations that sink in your head. She talks about issues that you may experience.

6. Practicing Mindfulness by Matthew Sockolov

Known as another bestseller, Matthew invites you to practice mindfulness with meditations. Without realizing it, a daily act of meditation improves your thinking. They say that it’s simply minding over matter. Do daily exercises to let your mind have the feel of it. With 75 of them, you have an exercise for at least one and a half months!

7. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Among our popular motivational reads is from Don. Get a dose of Toltec wisdom from these agreements! Beauties, as you believe, so will it be. The best thing is, there’s no limit. Experience real freedom, romance, and true joy as you put the agreements to the action!

8. Bare by Susan Hyatt

Susan dares you to bare yourself after seven weeks! Prepare your body for a transformation, sense amazement, feel energized, and brave. Her way encourages you to treat your body in the best way. After all, it’s your original gift. When you end the program, we’re sure you’ll gain a lot!

9. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

It’s hard to reach the end of our bestsellers! Rachel wants you to show the world what astounding female ambition can do. You are made of steel with a heart of gold. Since you only live once, make it complete and keep on going after your dreams! They say it’s never too late.

All of these motivational reads are in your hands to keep! Only one pick won’t be enough.

Trust us since all of them have high stars!

Dara Richardson