It’s great for gorgeous Ladies like you to achieve a lot in the thirties! In this crazy time of adulting, we give you valuable reads to ponder on. Remain young-at-heart and keep on dreaming big! After all, you’re at the prime of life. There are lots of exciting adventures for you when you become a parent at this time. Moments in your life get complicated and your willpower to overcome them triumphs! Face the challenges that you experience at this time head-on. When you get past them, you feel more fulfilled.

Get any of our nine valuable reads and spend your time wisely with it.

1. Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

Attention, Beauties! Lisa reached the 1st spot on our list with her novel based on real life. She takes us back to Memphis in 1939. It’s the story of Rill Foss when she was 12 with her four younger sibs. With them living in a shanty boat along the Mississippi River, strangers got into their boat! An orphanage became their new home where it was impossible to be back with their parents.

2. Before I Was Yours by Virginia Macgregor

Among our recommended reads, is Before I was yours, that’s about child adoption for Sam and Rosie. It’s always a dream for a couple to be parents someday. They found a cutie in Jonah at seven whose dad left him. One day, the Keep family was surprised at the unexpected! We wonder what the couple will do for Jonah.

3. Little Weirds by Jenny Slate

While you’re still in quarantine, let Jenny entertain you with her story. Regarded as a bestseller, the story has a lot of romance and splitting up. With these experiences, we remain alive amidst the hard realities! Remember that life is beautiful with its original adventures.

4. A Year of Self Love by Troy Love

We found this cherished read that gorgeous Ladies like you need all the days of the year! Imagine telling yourself daily mantras and writing activities that boost your emotions. Before you can share the love with others, you must love yourself. That’s what Troy wants you to do.

5. Get a Financial Life by Beth Kobliner

For the love of sharing your talent to others and earning from it, you got to know how to handle your dollars well! Temptations are all around you as long as you’re out. It’s hard to control the urge, right?! Well, this bestseller reaches out to Ladies like you in a down-to-earth way. Written for Ladies who keep their funds in place.

6. Single That by Acamea Deadwiler

When you remain single at a certain age of adulting, you wonder why. Acamea, in her handy read, tells you myths about this status. Rejoice as all is fine with you! No matter the reason why you’re single, she lets you embrace your worth.

7. The Love Gap by Jenna Birch

Great news for you, gorgeous Ladies! Since we believe that you’re smart, ambitious, and confident, Jenna wants you to find Mr. Right. By letting you act on it with a plan, you can narrow down the gap for your search. They say that it’s the latest trend in romance.

8. The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict

Also one of our valuable reads, Marie’s novel takes us to a room where a beautiful Scientist stays. Certainly a powerful combination of great looks and smarts, she escaped her hubby from the castle! It led her to a Hollywood escapade as Hedy Lamarr.

9. The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant by Dr. Jean Twenge, PhD

The clock is ticking for gorgeous Ladies like you who remain childless at a certain age. Alas, with your impatience, let Dr. Jean’s wise words guide you on this journey. She talks to you like a friend in this guide with humor!

Gorgeous Ladies in their thirties, remain upbeat and headstrong as you take action in life! With these reads awaiting your grab, we’re sure that your precious time will be worth it.

Take it one at a time, and let us know how you like it!

Dara Richardson