Young girls love to imitate their mothers. They would “shop” around your closet and try out your finest dresses, put on your high heels, and even raid your bags, then pose wearing all your stuff in front of the mirror. They would also invade your cosmetics kit to put on your makeup to complete their look. Seeing them toy around your pricey lipsticks or makeup palette can be heartbreaking. You’d wish to have some kid-friendly makeup kits on hand. But, your little princess is often too charming to scold! If you can just let them enjoy exploring their style without putting a huge dent in your pocket, it would be nice to bond and play with them over applying blush and lip tints.

Luckily, there’s a cute way to let them practice their budding makeup skills without wrecking your expensive stash. These kid-friendly makeup kits will also protect their gentle skin. Some of these items are even budget-friendly, which is a major selling point for most moms. Here are ten dainty makeup sets that your little girls will love. 

Bag make up box for girls

Makeup Boxes Children’s Makeup Bag Set Princess Makeup Boxes

This complete makeup set is perfect for young princesses who love to explore their looks. It comes with 12 shades of lipglosses, four-color lipsticks, six wet eyeshadows, and one eyebrow pencil and eyeliner that will prettify your little one. Besides, it also features several shades of blush and color powder. Aside from the makeup palette, this set also let your girls prettify their nails using colorful nail stickers and sanding bar. All of these items belong in a pretty pink bag that turns into a multi-layered box with its own mirror. It is definitely perfect for your child’s princess dress up games. 

Cosmetics set kid friendly

Godyluck Cosmetic Set for Girls

We believe this kiddie makeup set will turn your cute little girls into fabulous princesses! This makeup box comes complete with a face powder, wet eyeshadow, lipsticks, lipgloss, puff, makeup brushes, and eye-catching nail polish. You girls will absolutely love getting ready for their next play date with friends using this kid-version of professional makeup kit. 

Makeup kit for girls

CCGTOY Girls Makeup Kit Washable Fashion

Pretty girls like pretty things. If your mini-me wants to be as beautiful as mommy, you can get her this adorable makeup kit. When opened, this dainty set looks like a colorful flower that comes bearing a variety of makeup essentials. As a result, it will surely make every girl feel like a fairy. It also features every tool that budding makeup enthusiasts need to apply their makeup properly. You and your girls can complete the looks by taking turns putting on eco-friendly and peelable nail polish.

Creative Butterfly make up set

Dappre Butterfly Shape Cosmetic Kit Environmentally Friendly Nontoxic

Sometimes, your girls want to take their kiddie makeup set anywhere they go. Yet they find their usual kid-friendly makeup kits too bulky for their little bags. Worry no more! They can now take this butterfly-shaped makeup kit! It comes with complete cosmetics to make them look even more beautiful while on the go. All makeup in this kid-friendly makeup kit is water-soluble. It means they can easily take it off without the need for harsh cosmetics remover. 

disney princess cosmetic palette

Zwbfu Disney Princess Makeup Cosmetic Palette Toy

Let your child bring out her inner Disney Princess persona using kid-friendly makeup kits inspired by her favorite fairy tale heroines. This safe and toxic-free cosmetics kit matches your little one’s wardrobe due to its vibrant shades and child-friendly textures. It will definitely keep your child busy for hours as she explores her creativity in putting on makeup that matches her personal style. 

girls best make up kit

Supicity Kids Makeup Kit, All in One Travel Girls Makeup Set

Your little girl can pretend to act like a professional makeup artist using kid-friendly makeup kits like this one. Fun pastel shades of kiddie cosmetics come in a double-layered box that little hands can conveniently take anywhere. Each makeup is completely washable with water and made using the gentlest ingredients. It means you don’t need to worry about any adverse effects on their young skin. Also, you may use this if you want to avoid pimple-causing makeups for sensitive skin. 

make up box for children

Children’s Cosmetics Makeup Box Washable Makeup Set

This kid-friendly makeup kit encourages your child’s inner diva and lets her experiment on different looks. It comes with a box that neatly packs the makeup essentials little girls need when applying their favorite shades of cosmetics. All makeup pieces are gentle and non-irritating, which means it won’t have any adverse effects on their young skin. Aside from making them look pretty, it will help boost their self-esteem. Bonus point: This towering box also makes clean up more efficient! Your kids only need to put back all the cosmetics inside its dedicated drawer, and the mess will be gone in seconds. Definitely a plus for mothers, don’t you think?

natural girls makeup kit

Luna Star Naturals Klee Girls 7-Piece Kit with Up and Away Bonus Bamboo Brush

Organic mamas rejoice! Here is a kid-friendly makeup kit that will help your girls look good and take care of their skin and the environment as well. This set comes with a natural mineral eyeshadow, body shimmer, and blush. It also includes an organic lip shimmer that will make young lips shinier with a hint of sweetness. A charming water-based nail polish that instantly dries and peels off in seconds is also added to complete the set. Your little girl can also use the full-size bamboo brush. How’s that for a complete beautification tool? 

kids makeup kit

SK Studio Make Up Kit Kids Makeup Set

Give your little girls all the makeup that they need without breaking the bank. Thanks to this makeup set, your pretty princess will have lots of choices to enhance her eyes, cheeks, and lips using kid-friendly cosmetics. It also comes in handy, candy-shaped compartments, perfect for their little bags! They can even use this during a role-playing game with their girlfriends. 

Kids make up palette recommended by citygrl

Kids Makeup Palette – My First Princess Make Up Set

This is the most compact and handy choice among the list. This washable makeup set is still packed with all the makeup essentials that young ladies would love to have in their travel kit. With four shades of blushes, eight eyeshadows, eight glitter glazes, six lip glosses, and all the right blushes and wands to help your little makeup aficionados apply the cosmetics properly. Most importantly, this kit features a little mirror that can help them check out their look.   

So there you have it, mommies!

Get your mini-me’s their very own set of makeup kits from this list. It will definitely give them endless enjoyment as they spend hours trying out different looks.

But be careful, you might also find yourself stealing a swipe or two from their makeup to try out the amazing shades on your own! Put on your makeup together as part of your mother-and-daughter bonding sessions, it will be an experience that both of you will cherish forever!

Amber Rein