Toddlers are adorable little creatures, yet they can also be a handful at times! But before you get tempted to hand over your smartphone to your little one to have a momentary moment of solitude, think about giving him or her some toys for toddler art and creativity. It will let your bub develop ingenuity while having fun. These will definitely keep them entertained for hours! 

Don’t know what toys to get for your little one? Worry no more! We listed down some of the most interesting toys for kids so you can encourage them to unleash their creativity. 

Play-Doh toys for toddler art and creativity

Play-Doh Modeling Compound 50- Value Pack 

If you are like us, you could’ve tinkered with your favorite color of Play-Doh when you were little. Now that you have kids on your own, you should introduce this brightly colored clay to your little one to encourage them to develop their artistry. This 50-piece Play-Doh set lets your toddler recognize different colors and mold different shapes at the same time. Bonus point: Clay is also one of the toys for toddler art and creativity that helps strengthen their hand muscles and foster fine motor skills during playtime. 

Washable market set for kids' creativity

8-pack Washable Dot Markers and Art Supply with 3 Pdf Coloring eBooks 

All fun and no mess? Count us in! This set of washable dot markers can keep your little one entertained for hours without you worrying about stains all over the house. This art and creativity kit comes with three downloadable PDF activity books with over 100 pages of fun and educational images. It means you can print and play numerous times! Aside from learning color recognition, you can also use this to encourage early childhood development as well as hand-eye coordination. 

Creative DIY bird house kit for toddlers

Oriental Cherry Crafts for Kids 2Pack DIY Bird House Kit 

Want to know if you have a budding architect or a future interior designer? Let your kid try out this DIY wooden bird house kit. This is one of the toys for toddler art and creativity that both you and your little one would love! Use the two-pack set to hone your child’s fine motor skills, practice their hand-eye coordination, and express their creativity. It can also teach them self-confidence as they beam with pride while showing their finished product to the family. 

34-piece art set for toddlers

BigOtters Painting Tool Kits, 34Pcs Paint Supplies

Raising a little Picasso will become easier with the help of this art kit. This 34-piece set is one of the toys for toddler art and creativity that is perfect for amateur painters. You can also give it to anyone who loves to express their feelings through art. It comes with four no-spill paint cups with colored lids, ten pieces of little round chubby hog bristles and acrylic brushes, six medium flat hog bristle and nylon hair brushes, four large painting brushes, four cleaning brushes, and six washable palettes. These are everything your little painter would love, and more! 

Extra large doodle mat for kids' creativity

Doodle Mat – Funplus Large Size 47″ X 35″ of Water Drawing Mat for Kids 

If you are already fed up cleaning your child’s writings on the floor, then this large mat could be your best friend! This doodle mat is specifically designed to allow as many as four toddlers to play and learn together. Just give them one of the magic pen filled with water and let them draw and write whatever they want on the water drawing mat. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up since the drawings will magically disappear after a few minutes. This could easily be one of the extra-large toys for toddler art and creativity that you would love to invest in if you want to teach them how to draw and write, minus the mess.  

Best-selling LCD drawing board for kids

GJZZ LCD Drawing Doodle Board for Writing and Learning 

Buying toys for toddler art and creativity can be fun, especially if you can also use the toy for your own enjoyment! This LCD writing board can let your little one doodle anything and everything under the sun without wasting sheets of paper. It means less trash to pick up! While it is technically a gadget, you don’t have to worry about radiation since the flexible screen is suitable for your little one’s eyes. But having two pens could be the best feature of this toy. It means you no longer have to worry about losing one pen since you already have a backup. Clever, right?

Creative toddler doodle table for kids

LODBY Magnetic Doodle Board Toys  

Encourage your child’s love for drawing and doodling by giving him or her this table-like doodle board. It comes with four detachable legs that can help them write or draw whatever they want without straining their neck. This magnetic writing board also features red, blue, yellow, and green colors to add more style to your child’s artworks. It also comes with two stamps to further enhance your kid’s drawings.  

Now that you learned about our recommended toys for toddler art and creativity, we hope you can find something that you would want to give to your darling little toddler to enhance his or her love for the arts. 

So what are you waiting for? Get these items now and watch your child’s creativity develop while having the best time! 

Amber Rein